You want to participate in the Play for Change Awards, that’s great!

Please take a moment to read through the instructions and make sure you fill out all of the below information correctly. Once you send through this form to us, you will be shown a confirmation page with a registration number. Please use the registration number for all further correspondence. We will also send you through an invoice – once we have received payment of the invoice, the registration will be deemed valid.

Please use one registration per toy/initiative. If you have two toys you want to submit, please use two separate registrations.

You have until 22 May to complete the registration and send it through. The more information you send through to us to ‘justify’ the registration, the easier it will be for the judges to form an opinion. We may come back to you for further information if something is not clear so it is important to leave correct contact details.

Please fill in the form below:

Awards entry closed!